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tissit bandcamp





Music | Eric Ambel

s/t by Phobonoid, released 19 January 2016 1. Crono 2. Alpha Centauri 3. La sonda di Phobos 4. Fuga nel vuoto 5. Eris 6. Vento stellare 7. La risonanza della sonda 8.

Music | Sangam

Com Truise Persuasion System, released 17 May 2019 1. Worldline 2. Persuasion System 3. Gaussian 4. Ultrafiche of You 5. Kontex 6. Existence Schematic 7. Laconism 8.


Hear You by toe, released 24 July 2015 1. Premonition (Beginning of a Desert of Human) 2. A Desert Human 3. Commit Ballad 4. The World According To 5. My Little Wish 6.

s/t | Phobonoid

Wasta Le gris des murs (Version Instrumentale), released 02 May 2016 1. 01- Première relance 2. 02- Mon ulcère 3. 03- Midnight marauders 4. 04- Le revers de la pagaille 5. 05- Kylie mignonne 6. 06- Le gris des murs 7. 07- Tocard 8. 08- Dernier rappel

Hear You | toe

tissit bandcampDassit Hip-Hop band Dassit demonstrates that head-nodding hip-hop and lush, improvisatory jazz can co-exist effortlessly. Led by saxophonist Simon Dufour and rapper Keith Harris, Dassit is on the forefront of Chicago's live-band Hip-Hop scene.

Music | HOME

Atsuko Chiba Atsuko Chiba is a Canadian experimental progressive rock band based in Montreal, Canada. Atsuko Chiba destabilizes genre categorizations and conventional compositional techniques to create music that is best characterized by its nonlinear, composite, and dynamic style.

Com Truise

Eric Ambel. Brooklyn, New York. Guitar player, producer, songwriter Eric Ambel. Original member of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Del-Lords and The Yayhoos has been putting out solo records since 1988's "Roscoe's Gang". His latest studio record "Lakeside" is available here as is his new live record.

Tag technical death metal | Bandcamp

supported by 24 fans who also own “Catechesis” Near Death Revelations is the first Blaze of Perdition album where the band truly owned its sound, shedding its Watain influences and creating a truly remarkable black metal album that is deceptively complex in execution.


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Music | chris†††

Gavin Hellyer Demo from 2016 was pretty good but this EP is an absolute cracker. Relentless as hell and so powerfully awesome. No messing about with this lot either as it contains a Ramonesian 9 tracks in 12 and a half minutes.


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